Royal Canin Puppy Food ???

I have had real fussy issues trying to get Bijou, now 16 wks. To eat puppy food. He got sick with vomitting unknown reason, and vet had him on chicken and rice. He only ate that for a day in a half, tried pasta, didn't want that. He ate Wellness for first 4 wks and now won't touch it. Tried dry, wet with can, and with a couple Stella nuggets crumbled, no go. He would go hrs and hrs not eating. My cats were supper fussy and will eat Royal Canin and have done really well on it. I always thought Royal Canin was a good food so I got a small bag of puppy and Bijou loves that with a splash of water and 2 Stella nuggets.

I have now done more research on Royal and have found it is not a good food. Now I don't know what to try. I have already tried 4 diff dry foods, 3 diff cans, sweet potato, cottage cheese, tons of stuff. I have jumped through hoops!

Does anyone know of a puppy dry food that is real small like the Royal Canin puppy food? Bijou seems to really like the tiny bits. And which one seems to have really good flavor that puppy's often need to get them to eat it. Any advice would be so appreciated. I find most puppy foods say for any breed, but I think it is important to be taylored to breed size. Bijou isn't even 6 lbs yet. Thanks so much

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Feb 14, 2016
picky puppy NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

I had to smile while reading your comments. It isn't funny but I have been dealing with this for 5 years with mine. You did not mention what foods you have tried buy like you I have went thru the list of so called healthy ones.

If you have not tried Eukanuba they have very small bites. I am using the chicken one in grey bag and mine will eventually eat it.

Fromms is very good and has great variety but mine do not like it either. I also buy fresh select (tube food) for a change, they do eat it and primal raw.

Have been making them meat loafs with carrots, green beans and a little rice and egg thrown in. It is actually cheaper than the dog food although I do add a food fortifier called logic to it I am not sure its really healthy for them.

Mine seem to want something different each day and even when I boil them chicken they do not want leftovers. UGH! so frustrating.

Good luck with yours and hope you find something, sure wish I would have listened and never gave them people food.

Feb 13, 2016
Try Taste of Wild NEW
by: Anonymous

You might want to try Taste of Wild Smoked Salmon for puppies, the nuggets are nice and small. I Pour some boiling water over food and let it soften as it cools. My Lily is very fussy and this seems to work for her! They also have an adult version for when your pup is a year old. Hope it helps! Good Luck.

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