My puppy has gone off the raw mash food we were advised to feed him

by Nicky Mc
(Isle of Man)

My Cortton is 4.5 month old & has been on raw chicken puppy food. We also give him raw chicken wings. The past couple of weeks he has been refusing to eat the raw mashed chicken, but we were informed we should keep him on that until he was at least 6 months old! Can anyone give me advice on what else I could feed him which will give him the nutrients he needs? I thought it might be that he prefers the texture of the chicken wings & that has put him off the mash?

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Jan 22, 2017
Puppies food NEW
by: Anonymous

Raw dog food is unregulated. Who knows if your current batch is toxic. Trust your dog's sniff instinct. Dog food is the left overs, sometimes not the freshest. Visit a meat processing plant. Don't fall for the organ gimmicks. Organ meats, if diseased, carry cancer cells and when toxic ingredients build up in organs your pet is eating it, including hormone supplements, steroids and antibiotics. Slow cooked Muscle meat and fats are sufficient for nutrients and protein, just as they are for humans. At least for our little Coton's.

FDA approved meat for human consumption in cans is cheaper than canned dog food. It's good meat. Check prices at your local dollar store - $1 a can. Ham, bacon, chicken, turkey, beef, pork and of course wieners! Add vegetables. When I choose fresh vegetables, baked, my dog is getting all the nutrients he needs. Baking in tin foil preserves the nutrients. My puppy dog loves baked yams, peas, green beans, potatoes, mushed corn, chopped brussels sprouts, egg plant, carrots, cold kidney beans, cheese, scrambled eggs, rice, olive oil and crazy about sautéed butter. Apples, bananas. Avocado. Popcorn. His favourite cookies are short breads made with real eggs and real butter. Crushed/mushed walnuts mixed in he loves.

My Coton prefers his food served separately on one plate. He goes for the meat first and vegetable portion next. I rotate the vegetable in each meal so over a week he's getting various nutrients. If he gobbles-up a certain vegetable I take note. A real healthy treat is baked seaweed used for sushi. He loves it, and so do I!! I use it crumbled as a salt for his vegetables too. It's filled with sea minerals.

First thing in the morning my puppy dog likes warm milk in a coffee cup, of all things! Whole milk. I save juices from steamed vegetables and add a bit to the milk warming. After a day, my dog will not eat left overs. I use the vegetable juice the very next morning. Warmed Potato juice with warm milk is his favourite. Sometimes I pour the potato juice over his lunch meat with butter or olive oil.

When I use packaged dry dog food my dog gets aggressive and naughty. He lets that food dish sit and would rather starve himself then eat preservative stinky mouldy food made of ground leftovers of non FDA approved meat. Salmon oil is rancid. The pet food industry is making a killing on consumers that don't understand one extra plate beneath the regular family dinner table is all our dog needs (assuming one doesn't eat junk food or pizza). In other words, dogs eat what we eat, basically.

Raw food doesn't attract him either. He loves smelling food cooking on the stove. He loves the smell of sautéed onions and garlic in butter. I eat the onions & garlic and he gets the sautéed flavour in his food with the fresh butter juice poured over his vegetables. Add melted cheese, and he's happy boy!

I slow boil soup bones and use the fatty sauce & bone marrow poured over his vegetables. He's crazy about that doggy soup and he gets his bone meal fresh! I freeze packets for the next week's treat. Yes, bone nutrients seep into the water. That's why our homemade soups and gravies are so tasty.

Dogs enjoy variety as each food sniffs and flavours differently. That's sacred to this animal that loves to sniff. Perhaps your puppy is bored with one food taste, deficient in a variety of nutrients. Perhaps your dog is talking "serve me something other than this".

Jan 22, 2017
Chicken wings? NEW
by: Iris

Raw or cooked, chicken bones can splinter and puncture the intestines, are not good for our dogs,
A beef knuckle bone would be safer for them to gnaw on.
A good quality food might be Royal Canin dog foods are breed and health specific, and the puppy foods have all the necessary nutrients.
I would definitely trust the Veterinarian who is more knowledgeable about dog health.

Jan 22, 2017
raw mash for puppy NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

Congrats on your new puppy and honestly I am not familiar with the raw mash food. Is this what the breeder told you to feed? It might be he likes the chicken wings because of the crunch and is holding out. They are very clever and learn really quick how to get what they want.

There are many puppy foods to choose from just be sure and get a high quality one or lots of raw diets as well if you want to keep him on raw food. I buy primal raw for my girls but they like variety so they only eat it about once maybe twice a week. Just read on my bag of primal duck nuggets and it says for puppies divide food into 3-4 feedings a day. One nugget for 5 lbs and 2 nuggets for 10 lbs.

If you hesitate to change foods I would call breeder and ask or check with vet. Good Luck to you.

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