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Just last week we rescued a 8 month old Coton puppy whose owners could no longer take care of him. When he came to us we were told he was just recovering from stomach upset after eating an earthworm, however back to his routine diet. Yesterday it rained here, & while walking he may have drank some water from puddles& he's had 3 loose motions since morning. We also have a 2 1/2 yr old Puli-poodle-beagle mix at home, who has never shown such symptoms after drinking water from puddles.
Do Cotons have delicate digestive system?

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Jul 13, 2017
MIne does NEW
by: Anonymous

Mine has a very delicate one. He can only eat one kind of dog food. Only treats - one brand of biscuit, dehydrated sweet potatoes and 2 blueberries occasionally. He loves rabbit poo (we call it his cocoa puffs) and if I don't catch or he eats anything different than what I mentioned he throws up none stop. When he was 5 months old, we have him a milk bone dog biscuit and had to go to the vet ER because he was none stop vomiting. I have to have him a half of a famotidine antacid every morning or in a couple of days he starts vomiting. My vet said he has too much acid and a very sensitive digestive system. I have heard of cotons that it is difficult to find food for because of that. I don't think they all have it but some do.

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