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Coton Connection: Can’t-Miss Coton Updates and Stories - Issue #103
November 29, 2023
Welcome Coton Lovers:

I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Thanksgiving. This time of year always zips by. One minute it’s Halloween and the next it’s New Years. You’d think I’d be used to it by now since the holidays speed by every year.

New Holiday Posts

I was inspired to write a few holiday themed articles this month. Enjoy!

Holiday Gifts

First, Happy Hanukkah to everyone who celebrates. It starts next week so the festivities start early this year.

These days, most of the holiday gifts I buy are for dogs and kids. The older I get, the fewer presents I give and receive from adults.

Because I buy a lot of gifts for Lucy and my friends’ pets, I’ve spent a lot of time online researching the perfect holiday gifts for them.

This dog gift research gave me the idea to create this dog gift post with some of the fun gift ideas I found. I hope it makes your gift giving a little easier this year.

One of my favorite gift ideas for busy pet parents is to give a gift voucher for free dog walking or pet sitting services. When Lucy got sick, the best gifts were when my friends and family offered to pet sit so I could have a few hours of relief. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated their thoughtfulness.

Dog-proof Christmas Tree Ideas

Have you already started decorating your Christmas tree? Check out Ideas on how to dog-proof your tree so it’s safe from your dog, and your dog is safe from your tree!

How to surprise someone with a puppy

Many people give puppies as gifts this time of year. Puppies can be a magical, fun gift - but only if everyone is prepared for this life-changing gift. If you want to give a puppy for the holiday or any other special occasion, read Discover the best way to surprise someone with a puppy.

Can Dogs Eat This?

Thanksgiving reminded me about how much food there is this time of year and how challenging it can be to monitor your dog around all this delicious food. Why do people always want to give Lucy food?

Of course you want your dog to enjoy the holidays too, but do you know which foods they can and can’t have? Can dogs eat this is a post to help you answer if your human food is safe for your dog.

Cotons and Agility

Lucy’s recent rehab experience inspired me to write a couple of articles about agility training. She gained a lot of weight as a result of the Phenobarbital she has to take for seizures. The drug makes her CRAZY hungry! As a result of an old injury and her added weight, she’s having back problems causing some mobility issues. Poor Lucy!

But Lucy loves rehab. I’m not sure if it’s because it makes her feel better or because she loves the attention and cheerleading she gets from everyone. I also do some therapy with her at home that’s similar to some of the agility exercises I used to do with my dog, Luc. When Lucy heals, I would love to get her started with this sport.

The photo above is one of our makeshift rehab setups at home.

Cotons are usually perfect for agility because they’re fast and they’re so connected to us and love to please us. It’s a fun way for them to get exercise and spend quality bonding time with them.

Check out the agility articles at:

Agility Training for Dogs

Dog Agility Books

And if your Coton is already doing agility, we’d love to hear about it and see some photos. You can submit them here.

Coton Spotlight

Aren’t Sasha and Molly’s puppy cuts adorable? You can say hello to them here.

Does your Coton like to shop? Charlie loves to go shopping!

Meet Morris Minor. He’s living the life in the UK!

I love your stories and photos. You can spotlight your Coton in our next newsletter. Just brag about them here!

Fun with AI

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