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Coton Connection: - Surprising facts about Cotons and hot weather - Issue# 111
May 28, 2024
Welcome Coton Lovers:

3 Surprising Facts about Cotons and Hot Weather

While the official start of summer is weeks away here in the US, it already FEELS like summer. The heat in Florida is intense even though it’s only May.

During the winter, Lucy would stay outside for hours if I let her. But she is not a fan of the heat, and because of her health challenges, I have to be extra cautious that she doesn’t get exposed to the extreme heat. But the hot weather also poses challenges for healthy dogs.

Did you know these 3 facts about your Coton and the heat?

No. 1 - How Cotons Cool Down

Dogs only sweat through their noses and paws, so they rely on panting to cool down. This is normal. But when they can’t cool themselves down effectively, they risk heat stroke, which is dangerous. Make sure to know the signs, which include:

  • Fast heart rate, heavy breathing
  • Bright red tongues/gums
  • Excessive drooling
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Pressing their head to the wall
  • Circling
  • Agitation or restlessness
  • Dizziness
  • Lethargic

Prevention is key, but if your dog is in an emergency situation, experiencing any of the above symptoms, check out the RSPCA’s list of what to do here.

No. 2 - Avoiding Cold Water Shock

Did you know that cold water can send your dog into shock? From the link above, I learned it’s best to use cool tap water instead.

No. 3 - The Truth about Summer Haircuts

Many people assume that short hair cuts will keep their dogs cooler in hot weather, but their hair can actually provide protection from the sun. While a summer cut or puppy cut can make life easier during the summer months, make sure there’s enough hair to keep your Coton protected.

Exercise, Engagement & Stimulation

Keeping your dogs cool is important, BUT they also need exercise, engagement, and stimulation to keep them from getting bored and finding ways to get into trouble. A bored Coton is a recipe for mischief and mayhem!

This is certainly my challenge with Lucy, as excessive heat can bring on a seizure for her. I want her to be safe and cool inside, so I revisit this list of 32 indoor activities to keep her stimulated and active.

Lucy and I have tried many of the suggestions from this list, but since I had the agility cones set up at home to help her back pain, I continue to use them for fun and exercise. She loves this - mostly because of the reward treats! Anyone can do this easily and affordably.

Have a SAFE and FUN Summer!

Hot Off the Press: What’s New on the Blog?

May Updates

Hot weather suggestions from our visitors

Keeping your dog inside out of the heat is not always possible, especially if you have an active life and want your dog to be included.

Swimming, long walks, dog parks, beaches, and neighborhood hangouts are all fun, but what can you do to keep your dog cool during these outdoor activities? There are many ideas and products designed to keep dogs cool.

Check out these suggestions from our visitors to ensure your Coton is safe in the heat.

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