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Coton Connection: - Coton de Tulear Myths Debunked - Issue# 112
June 25, 2024
Welcome Coton Lovers:

10 Myths About the Coton de Tulear

As our Coton de Tulear community continues to grow, it’s fun to revisit some common myths and misconceptions about these amazing dogs. Do you know all 10 of these?

Myth 1: Pronunciation

Most dog breeds have straightforward names, but the Coton de Tulear often trips people up. Even though the breed is getting more widely known, many people still have a hard time with the name. You can help with pronunciation when writing or typing the name by using the accent mark: Coton de Tuléar. This honors the breed’s French origins and ensures it's pronounced Ka-tawn-day-too-lay-ar. I admit I’ve taken my cues from the Malagasy Coton clubs and don’t often use the accent.

Myth 2: Plural Form

The correct plural form is Cotons de Tulear, not Coton de Tulears. Think of it as ‘cottons of Tulear,’ not ‘cotton of Tulears.’

Myth 3: Hypoallergenic

While Cotons are often recommended for people with allergies due to their low-shed coats, no dog is truly hypoallergenic. We’ve had some visitors tell us that the Coton is perfect for their dog allergies, while others still have allergic reactions to this breed. That’s why you should always spend time with the dog before bringing it home.

Myth 4: All Cotons are alike

Cotons, like all dogs, have unique personalities. Just spend some time on our website, and you will see that while many Cotons share similar characteristics and tendencies, they can also be unique with their own quirks. They can be timid or fearless, finicky eaters or gluttons, adventurous or couch potatoes, athletic or sedentary, affectionate to everyone or just to a chosen few, love to be groomed, or will do anything to avoid the brush or bath. Well, you get the idea. They're like snowflakes; no two are exactly alike.

Myth 5: Color Changes

Cotons aren’t just pure white; they come in various colors. Puppy colors can change with age due to genetics, with some retaining their colors while others fade. Read more about Coton colors here.

Myth 6: Intelligence

Cotons are smart and often underestimated. My Coton, Lucy, cleverly figures out when she can get away with mischief. Don’t let their cuteness and small size fool you—they’re quick learners and find inventive ways at getting your attention.

Myth 7: Lap Dogs

Not all Cotons are lap dogs despite their size and cuteness. Lucy is my shadow and is always nearby (unless she’s looking for trouble), but she is rarely content just sitting on my lap. My first Coton, Luc, was the same way.

Myth 8: Always Happy

While Cotons are generally easygoing and cheerful, they can also experience fear and separation anxiety without proper socialization and training.

Myth 9: High-Maintenance Grooming

Though Cotons require regular grooming, it doesn’t have to be daunting. With daily habits or a shorter cut, managing their coat can be quick and easy. But if you want your Coton do have the longer standard coat, be prepared to spend time and effort each day or your dog will get tangles and mats.

Myth 10: Indoor-Only Dogs

Cotons are adaptable and can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and swimming. They’ll thrive if your lifestyle includes outdoor adventures. I love seeing the photos of your dogs swimming, hiking, and boating.

Hot Off the Press: What’s New on the Blog?

June Updates

Dreaded Fleas and Ticks

Fleas often get worse in the summer depending on where you live. Some places have year-round issues with these tiny terrors, while other places only have issues during certain months of the year.

If you live in the US, you can check out this map to find your State’s flea and tick season.

I’ve updated the list of non-toxic flea and tick treatment and prevention recommendations. You can find them here.

My favorite is Wondercide. I have used Wondercide products for years for Luc and Lucy and have had great success. Not only do their products work, but I feel good knowing that there aren’t any nasty toxic chemicals. This is especially important for Lucy who cannot tolerate any toxins due to her neurological issues.

Coton Spotlight

Can you believe this little angel is 16 years old? And her mama says she’s still going strong. Say hello to Sophie here.

Meet Dolly, who is making great progress working through some attachment and separation issues.

Two Cotons are better than one, right? Say hello to Brindy and Gracie here.

Read about the day in the life of Sir Percival, aka Percy Part 1 and Part 2 here.

Want to meet a Coton with a lot of love and just as much attitude? Meet Caine.

And finally, there’s no photo, but Meet Suzy, a big dog in a little body.

Brag about your Coton!

I can’t wait to feature your Coton in our next newsletter. Brag about your dog here!

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