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Coton Connection, Issue #088 - Your Coton Questions
August 27, 2019
Welcome Coton Lovers:

Welcome Coton Lovers

Your Coton Questions

It's crazy how fast time is flying this summer. I've been busy with family and traveling and it seems I blinked and it's almost Autumn. Luc has mellowed quite a bit over the years and now I've got people fighting over who gets to keep him when I'm traveling. He didn't even get mad when I adopted a new cat last month. He's such a sweetheart!

I've had a few visitors tell me recently that their questions on the website aren't being answered. Please make sure that if you have a question, you start a new thread and don't just ask the question in the comments of someone else's question.

Here are links to the most common types of questions:

Grooming questions

Dog food questions

Behavior questions

General questions

And remember, if your question isn't being published at all, it's likely because the question has already been asked and answered several times. You can do a search on the website to find out if that's the case.

Celebrations and Shoutouts

Happy Birthday Wishes:

Happy birthday to all the Cotons who celebrate birthdays in August and September.


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Triscuit Female Canton, PA August
Opie Male Leland, NC 8/2005
Nala Female 8/1/12
Teddy Male Surprise, AZ 8/4/03
Frosty Peachtree City, GA 8/5/08
Tully Male Escondido, CA 8/7/11
Nala Female Memphis, TN 8/7/12
Heidi Female Tomball, TX 8/8/05
Poppy 8/8/11
Biscuit Female Gainesville, FL 8/8/12
Pinkerton Male London, UK 8/8/13
Sadie Female Parksville, BC, Canada 8/9/11
Sophie Female San Juan, PR 8/10
Walter Male Belfast, Northern Ireland 8/12/15
Ozzy Male Rossville, GA 8/14/09
Mia Female Jacksonville, FL 8/14
Petey Male Newport News, VA 8/15/11
LuLu Belle Female Spartanburg. SC 8/16/10
Casper Male Spartanburg, SC 8/16/10
Bailey Female Torrance, CA 8/16/10
Pip Male Wassaga Beach, Ontario,Ca 8/16/16
Maddie Female Glendale, AZ 8/18
Cassidy Female Cherry Hill, NJ 8/19/07
Cotton Female Florida 8/19/10
Lola Female Jordan, NY 8/21/12
Emma Female Ontario, Canada 8/22/11
Socrates Male Rochester Hills, MI 8/22/14
Connie Female England 8/22/11
Socrates Male Rochester Hills, MI 8/22/14
Soffee Female Grantwood Village, MO 8/27/10
Griffin Female 8/28/09
Izzie Pierre Male La Center, WA 8/28/12
Nina Female Riverton, WY 8/29/11
Chewie Male Kettering, OH 8/29/12
Hope Female La Tuna Canyon, CA 8/29/15


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Daisy Female Maryland 9/1/11
Maxwell Male Conshohocken, PA 9/4/13
Perrier Jouet (Joyet) Orange County, CA 9/5
Missy Female Powell, OH 9/5/10
Dusty Female Kutztown, PA 9/7
Ella Female Oaks, CA 9/8/14
Jude and Lucy Female (sisters) Durham, NC 9/9/10
Callie Female San Francisco, CA 9/12/10
Luci Female 9/12/09
Jackson Male Leeds, ME 9/10/12
Teddy Male Brick, NJ 9/13/13
Jingle Female Nashville, TN 9/15/10
Mia Female Santa Rosa, CA 9/18/10
Lilly Female Rogers, AR 9/19/07
Beau (Bojangles) Male Illinois 9/20/10
Mati (Mathilda) Female Wenatchee, WA 9/21/10
Rosie Female Cornelius, NC 9/22/10
Rudy Male Newtown, PA 9/22/15
Imy Female Austin, TX 9/23/06
Oliver Wendell Holmes Male Chatsworth, CA 9/24/10
Izzie Female Goodyear, AZ 9/28/10
Webster Male Vancouver, WA 9/28/11

Want your Coton to get special birthday attention? It's easy; just join our Birthday Club.

Special birthday Shout outs

  • Winter (Winterfell) was a year old on July 4th. I'm sure his mom, Lillian, made sure he got extra hugs and treats.

  • Louie from Chagrin Falls, OH was also one years old on July 12th. His mom, Beverly, says "He is the love of my life but a stinker". I think we can all relate to that :)

  • Harley from Minden, LA celebrated his 14th birthday on July 9th. His mom, Whitney, says "Harley is still clownish and very talkative. He celebrates with lots of Goof Balls, his favorite treat.

  • Buttons from San Bruno turned two on July 20th. His mom, Yvette, says "Buttons...has the sweetest eyes and cutest smile. He is the kindest most wonderful loving dog! He loves to kiss kiss and more kisses..they never ever stop!" You can read more about Buttons here.

  • Sophie from Texas was 10 on March 15th. Her mom, Patti, says she's "one in a million". You can read more about Sophie and see some adorable photos here.

  • Bentley from Lutz, Florida had his 12th birthday on 7/18. His mom, Margaret, says "he's the love of my life". I think we can all relate to that. Read more about cute Bentley on this page.

  • Opie, was 14 in August this year. His mom, Debbie, says "He is a character, a love, a joy, and smart. When people see him, they fall in love with him." You can read more about Opie here.

Read about more special Cotons:

Little Johnny/Bruno


High flying girls

And a sad goodbye to sweet Kooper who died in July. He was truly loved and is deeply missed.

Please let me know if you'd like your dog to get special love and attention in our newsletter or if you'd like your Coton event or meetup group to be shared here.

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You can find the Meetup Page here. The password is cotondog

Don't be shy - reach and contact someone. You know we all love to talk about our dogs, so others will be glad you took the first step to reach out. You can set up play dates or just discuss your favorite "Coton-friendly" local businesses such as vets, groomers, pet sitters, and stores.

Add your dog to the list here.

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Gale and Luc

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