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Coton Connection, Issue #090 - Are you making this mistake with your Coton?
March 24, 2020
Welcome Coton Lovers:

So, what's new? I know it's been several months since I put out a newsletter, but what a difference a few months can make. I hope you are all safe and taking care of yourselves and your Cotons. I'm extra grateful for my sweet dog and cat in these days of quarantine. Such a blessing!

We know dogs can help our emotional well-being, but there have been studies that indicate they can also help improve our immune systems. So we have even more to be grateful for with these amazing pets.

Are you making this mistake?

I wanted to share Luc's recent health scare with you so you can prevent the same thing from happening to your dogs. And this simple change can have a big impact on your dog's health and well-being...

A few weeks ago, Luc started limping. I thought he sprained his leg or stepped on something. But the vet told me that his leg pain was due to neck and back issues. He told me to immediately start using a harness instead of a leash to prevent anymore damage to Luc's neck.

I felt terrible thinking that I could have prevented Luc's pain. I used a harness for years when he was younger and more active, but as he got older and wasn't running out ahead of me anymore, I went back to the leash. Big mistake! I didn't realize how much I pulled on his collar. Even though Luc walks much slower these days, there are times I've had to pull on the leash - either to prevent him from getting too close to another dog we don't know, or more likely, to stop him from eating something on the ground (which he does often).

The good news is that with some medication, acupuncture, rest, and the new harness, Luc is doing much better. There's nothing's worse than seeing him in pain.

I know many of you already use a harness, but if not, please consider making this easy change. I've got a drawer full, but I'm currently using a Voyager step-in harness because it's very easy to put on and it doesn't slip off. My vet recommended the Buddy Belt, but they're pricey. Just choose a harness that doesn't go around the neck.

In these times of physical distancing, it's important to reach out and connect with others. Share your Coton photos or just say hello on our Facebook page.

Be grateful. Be kind. Be safe.

Celebrations and Shoutouts

Happy Birthday Wishes:

Let's celebrate all the Coton birthdays we missed this year or those coming up next month.


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Seminole Female Pensacola, FL 1/1/11
Bevo Male Woodlands, TX 1/3/12
D'Arcy Female Raleigh, NC 1/3/19
Bailey Male Grayslake, IL 1/5/11
Theodore Male Canada 1/5/11
Qtip Male Union, NJ 1/5/13
Bailey Naples, FL 1/7/14
Kyra Female Rocklin, CA 1/7/12
Nikki Female Woodbridge, CT 1/7/15
Cassi Female 1/8/10
Olivia Female Leominster, MA 1/9/09
Eleana Female Leominster, MA 1/9/09
Angelique Female San Diego, CA 1/9
Truffle Female Las Vegas, NV 1/10/10
Naya Female Santa Rosa, CA 1/10/10
Emma Female 1/11/11
Dottie Female Plainwell, MI 1/12/14
Arlo Brighton, Co 1/14/16
Athena Female 1/15/10
Wishes Female Tumwater, WA 1/16/12
Mirabella Female Columbus, OH 1/17/05
Romeo Male El Cajon, CA 1/17/17
Captain Fuzz Male Sun City, AZ 1/17/16
Barney Male Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 1/18/11
Gleason Male Centereach, NY 1/18/13
Barkley Male 1/23/10
Quinn Westland, MI 1/23/13
Candy Female Kirkwood, MO 1/26/11
Coco Female 1/27/08
Simba Biella, Italy 1/28/11


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Abner Male Tuttle, OK 2/1/14
Katinka Joy Female North Bethesda, MD 2/2/12
Nugget Male WI and FL 2/2/15
Betty Female Middletown, MD 2/3/12
Mac Male 2/7/09
Calliope Female Lancaster, NY 2/7/10
Palin Female Sun Valley, CA 2/8/10
Alexia (Lexi) Female Powder Springs, GA 2/8/11
Pogo Male Vestal, NY 2/8/12
Jasmine Female Pittston Township, PA 2/9/09
Austin Male Hilo, HI 2/9/11
Toby Male Palmyra, NY 2/10/11
Manju Male Illinois 2/10/11
Pixie-Dust Male Wilts, United Kingdom 2/11/11
Prince Male Bear, DE 2/11/13
Zorro Male Laguna Hills, CA 2/13/08
Tank Male Quincy, MA 2/18/11
Jazzy Female Nashville, TN 2/18/11
Luc Male Pompano Beach, FL 2/20/15
Marmalade Female Beaufort, SC 2/20/15
Bella Female Oceanside, NY 2/21/11
Louie Male 2/21/07
Surf Male Half Moon Bay, CA 2/21/11
Halo Liverpool, UK 2/26/17
Casper Male Oceanside, NY 2/27/17
Jasper Male Oakland, CA 2/29/08


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Della (Dellalicious) Female Ohio 3/1/11
Jon-Luc Male Louisville, TN 3/2/15
Lily Female Florida 3/3/13
Beamer Male Donalds, SC 3/5/12
Logan Male Yuba City, CA 3/6/13
Toby Male Vaughan, Canada 3/6/17
Andre Male Chula Vista, CA 3/7/04
Bambi Female Marietta, GA 3/8/06
Eevie Female Manila, Philippines 3/8/15
Remy Male Palm Harbor, FL 3/8/17
Bebe Male Franktown, CO 3/9/13
Charlie Male Dallas, TX 3/10
Madeira (Maddie) Female Ontario, Ca 3/11/07
Indira (Dira) Female Middletown, DE 3/11/15
Pino Male Middletown, DE 3/11/15
Toby Male Plymouth, MA 3/12/11
Mimi Female Mauritius 3/12/12
Callie Female Levittown, NY 3/14/09
Callie Female Farmingdale, NY 3/14/09
Jacques Cousteau Male Florida 3/14/11
Sophie Female Texas 3/15/09
Alfie Male Lansing, MI 3/15/15
Giorgio Male Mexico 3/15/15
Zoe Female Hemet, CA 3/15/15
Leila Female Houston, TX 3/16/11
Bentley Male Indianapolis, IN 3/17
Logan Male Paradise, CA 3/17/13
Obi Wan Male Murrells Inlet, SC 3/18/10
Sadie Grace Female Oshkosh, WI 3/19/16
Murphy Finnegan Male Brookfield, MI 3/20/13
Bongo & Melo Males Woodbury, NY 3/22/12
Gigi Female Boise, ID 3/22/16
Cowboy Corby Male Winter Haven, FL 3/23/08
Ty Male The Woodlands, TX 3/26/12
Ziggy (Doodles) Male Warsaw, IN 3/28/10
Natasha Female New York, NY 3/29/11
Elmo Male Redington Shores, FL 3/31/15
Tsuky Santiago, Chile 3/31/17


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Phoenix Male Canada 4/1/10
Jade Female Boston, MA 4/1/11
Theo Male Carmel, IN 4/3/17
Duggee Male Andover, Hampshire, UK 4/4/17
Trixie Female Swoyersville, PA 4/6/10
Tassie Female Las Vegas, NV 4/7/07
Bill Male 4/8/11
Bella Female Plainwell, MI 4/10/10
Chi Chi Female Plainwell, MI 4/10/10
Charleston Michel (Charlie) Male Kansas City, MO 4/10/18
Basil Male Darien, CT 4/11/11
Obie Male Tuttle, OK 4/11/11
Cher Female Depew, NY 4/12/06
Geo Male The Villages, FL 4/12/12
Cali-Kat Female La Quinta, CA & Canada 4/13/09
Bella luna Female Vallejo, CA 4/14/13
Nevis Male London 4/14
Louis Francois (Louie) Male Lake Charles, LA 4/14/15
Ava Female Austin, TX 4/15/19
T-Rex Male Oregon 4/17/18
Sterling Male Ellington, CT 4/19/11
Logan Male St. Louis, MO 4/20/07
Daisy Female Seaside Park, NJ 4/21/14
Maddie Female Palmyra, VA 4/22/13
Emmie Female Milford, MI 4/24/09
Mimmie Female Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada 4/24
Jolly Roger Male Smithfield, KY 4/25/11
Lily Female Jacksonville, FL 4/26
Cinderella (Cindy) Female Anchorage, AK 4/27/10
Crouton Female Los Angeles, CA 4/29/17

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Special Shout Outs:

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And sadly, we had to say goodbye to sweet Zachary in January. Our hearts go out to his loving family .

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