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Coton Connection: UPDATE: 2024 is the Year of the Coton - Issue #106.5
January 24, 2024
Welcome Coton Lovers:

Corrected January Newsletter

I want to correct a big mistake in this month’s newsletter. I somehow mixed up our goodbye to Spanky with a share from a very much alive Maggie. I got their photos mixed up and accidentally left out Maggie’s story.

You can see the corrections below in the Coton Spotlight Section.

Happy 2024 - Celebrating the Year of the Coton

In our hearts, every year is the year of the Coton, right? But let’s make 2024 an exceptionally memorable one in our Coton community!

Reflecting on Resolutions

Did you set any New Year’s resolutions? I used to, but I found that small, consistent steps toward my goals were more effective and less daunting than huge, ambitious leaps on January 1st. This approach works wonders in dog training too - small, daily practices lead to big successes. Here’s to a year of achievable, joyful steps with our Cotons!

What’s in store for you this year?

My mission for 2024 is to equip you with top-notch advice and insights for your Coton’s well-being.

Stay tuned for some exciting updates. I’ve got some fresh ideas brewing for you this year. Keep an eye out!

And your Coton stories and photos? They're a highlight for me! Keep them coming, because just look at the cuteness overload we have this month (below). You can brag about your Coton here.

Hot Off the Press: What’s New on the Blog?

Website Restructuring

Navigating our vast content (over a thousand pages!) is about to get easier. I’m starting with health articles, inspired my my own Coton, Lucy. Check out the updated and new health articles here.

Can I leave my Coton home alone?

This is a question I often get. Find your answers in this detailed article.

Coton Spotlight

In Loving Memory

We’ve got so many Cotons to gush over this month.

First, the sad news.

One of the very few downsides of having my website for over 15 years is that we’ve had to say goodbye to too many amazing Cotons over the years. Saying goodbye to Spanky is especially difficult since he was a puppy when I was starting this site and I got to see his journey from a tiny pup to a thriving adult. Spanky won the pet parent lottery, though, and lived a long and happy life. You will be missed, Spanky!

You can read some of Spanky’s adventures over the years here.

And read his mom Diane’s loving tribute here.

We also bid farewell to Opie, who enjoyed a beautiful 17-year journey. Read this heartwarming goodbye from his mom, Debbie.

Celebrating the joyful moments

Meet adorable Maggie who is a therapy pet. Say hello here!

Discover the life-changing gift Charlie received here.

How cute is this? Meet the irresistibly cute Sally here.

And get ready to fall in love with Scruffy, an adorable Coton puppy here.

I can’t wait to feature your Coton in our next newsletter. Brag about them here!

Fun with AI

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