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Coton Connection: - Issue #107 Coton Aging Hacks
February 27, 2024
Welcome Coton Lovers:

Age Defying Tips

Imagine your Coton not just aging gracefully, but absolutely thriving in their golden years! That’s our dream, right? Even as our dogs start slowing down, there are things we can do to ensure they have a happy, high-quality life.

When we bring home one of these adorable puppies we know that we only have them for a limited time. Aging is an inevitable part of life, but it doesn’t have to mean suffering. We all know that a blend of high-quality nutrition, physical and mental stimulation, and lots and lots and lots of love goes a long way in helping our Cotons thrive in their golden years.

But there are also other ways to enhance their lives as they get older. I want to share 4 easy tips that have the potential to improve your dog’s quality of life.

No. 1: Since it’s National Pet Dental Health Month, it seems fitting to remind you that proper dental care starting as a puppy, can prevent many health issues as your dog ages.

Proper dental care can ward off gum disease, prevent tooth loss, and even reduce the risk of heart disease.You can learn more from this blog post.

No. 2: Over on the website, we received great suggestions from Coton moms, Linda and BB. Linda shared that adding solar lighting by the backdoor helps her 14 year old dog, Lucy (pictured above) see better at night. Such an easy fix for dogs whose eyesight isn’t what it used to be.

No. 3: BB suggested a specific kind of stairs that helped her dog get on furniture without having to be picked up all the time. I loved this suggestion. After Lucy’s back injury, I bought stairs to help her climb on the bed and sofa, but she didn’t want any part of them. Inspired by BB, I got the one-step solution she recommended. This easy fix helped transform her mobility without any fuss. If you have a senior dog who needs a little help getting on the furniture, you can check out their post to get more details here.

No. 4: And finally, there’s a new blog post about the pros and cons of using CBD for our senior dogs. You can read the article here. CBD is not for every dog, but it’s shown to have remarkable benefits for many of the signs of aging, such as pain management, anxiety, allergies, and digestive issues. This post uncovers the pros and cons and helps you know how to find the best products.

Have you tried CBD for your dog? I’d love to hear your experience! Your insights could help fellow Coton parents navigate the choices for their dogs.

Together, we can ensure our Cotons lead joyful, comfortable lives at every age. Your experiences and tips are invaluable to our community; please keep sharing!

Hot Off the Press: What’s New on the Blog?

February Updates:

As mentioned above, there’s a new blog post about how to find the best CBD for senior dogs (or any dog). Check out the post here.

Carmen is asking for your experience with anesthesia with your Cotons. You can help her out here.

Coton Spotlight

In Loving Memory

We say goodbye to Bobbie who passed in August last year. Let’s send his mom, Lynn some healing love and sympathy.

Coton Shares

Meet Tee, who is naughty and nice

Click here to read about Sassy Zakia

Here’s Marley, the emotional support Coton!

Thanks to Deb for sharing Saylor Jane and her sister, Sadie Mae.

And so appropriate for this month’s newsletter, meet 16 year old Candie here

And also meet 10 year old Lulu Victoria here

I can’t wait to feature your Coton in our next newsletter. Brag about them here!

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