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Coton Connection, Issue #087 - Is your Coton safe this summer?
June 25, 2019
Welcome Coton Lovers:

Welcome Coton Lovers

Summer Safety

If you're in a part of the world like the US where it's summer, it seems to be hotter than ever! At least it feels that way here in Florida. Luc is not a fan of the heat and there have been days when he goes into his "play dead" stance and refuses to walk. I can't say that I blame him. So, we walk mostly in the early morning and late evening - and during the day he goes quickly to a shaded spot in the backyard. I also make sure that there's always plenty of fresh water available at all times.

Summer can be a great time for Cotons - kids are out of school, more daylight hours means more family trips to the park or the beach, and even family vacations. So, here are some reminders on how to keep your Cotons safe during the heat of the season:

  1. Plan longer walks or exercise during the cooler times of day - early morning or late evenings

  2. Have water available at all times

  3. Provide shady areas when outside for extended time

  4. This should go without saying, but NEVER leave your dog in the car any time of year

  5. If your dog isn't getting as much outside exercise as usual, make sure to provide inside exercise opportunities so your dog doesn't get bored and start "acting out".

  6. No one knows your Coton better than you do - so pay attention to signs of heat distress such as heavy panting, wobbly legs, lethargy, vomiting or diarrhea.

  7. Like humans, dogs can get sunburn so check with your vet for sun screen options

  8. Watch for hot paws - if the sidewalk is too hot for your feet, it's too hot for your dog's feet.

For more ideas on how to make summer safer for your Coton, check out these summer safety solutions here.

Celebrations and Shoutouts

Happy Birthday Wishes:

Happy birthday to all the Cotons who celebrate birthdays in May, June, and July.


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Cotton Male Wooster, OH 5/1/07
Beemer Male Nashville, TN 5/2/10
Tica Female Brazil 5/5/12
Cooper Male Venetia, PA 5/5/11
Nemo Male Ontario, Canada 5/6/10
Grady Male Gainesville, FL 5/6/17
Beauregard Male 5/8
Zoe Paige Female 5/9/02
Madeline (Maddie) Female Tucscon, AZ 5/9/09
Peppin Male Abbeville, LA 5/10/10
Wrigley Male Hemet, CA 5/11/13
Pierre Male Ardmore, PA 5/11/17
Truffles Male Orlando, FL 5/13/13
Benny Male 5/14/10
Scout Male Ontario, Canada 5/14/12
Joni Male Milosavljevic 5/14/17
Cotton Female Mesquite, NV 5/15/09
Celeste Female Tonawanda, NY 5/16/07
Woogie Male Montclair, NJ 5/16/10
Dixie Mae Female Como, MS 5/16/16
Candie Female Florida 5/17/08
Sunny Boy Male Interlaken, NJ 5/18/18
Remme Male Garrison, NY 5/19/12
Theo Male United Kingdom 5/20/13
Harley Male Provo, UT 5/23/15
Teddy Male Boston, MA 5/24/16
Bueller Male Cincinnati, OH 5/25/12
Sir Oliver Male Timonium, MD 5/27/00
Rosy Female 5/28/11
Mayzee Female Hurley, WI 5/28/18
Gigi Female Lakeland, FL 5/30/12


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Simon Male 6/1/02
Max Male Mount Holly, VT 6/1/10
Lacey Female Woodstock, GA 6/1/12
Toshiyuki Male Ellington, CT 6/4/10
Maani Female Windsor, UK 6/5/17
Gigi Female 6/6/08
Watson Male Vancouver, WA 6/6/11
Jasmine Female California 6/8/13
Lola Female Norwood, MA 6/9/11
Mr. Beauregarde Male Lyme, CT 6/9/13
Colbie Female Eldersburg, MD 6/9/12
Hope Female Quebec, Canada 6/10/09
Leo Male Marlboro, NJ 6/10/16
Peluche Male Puerto Rico 6/10
Barney Male Palmyra, VA 6/11/10
Oliver Logan Male Las Vegas, NV 6/11/16
Moose Male Waldorf, MD 6/13/05
Bailey Annib Male Montreal 6/13/09
Bonnie Blue Female Virginia 6/14/11
Gino Male Fairfax, VA 6/15/11
Cooper Male Arvada, CO 6/17
Moe Male 6/17/09
Savannah Female Leeds, ME 6/17/10
Zoe Female Young Harris, GA 6/17/15
Higgins Male Ann Arbor, MI 6/17/17
Obi Wan Male 6/21/10
Codie Male 6/21/05
Lucy Female Greenville, SC 6/22/11
Bailey Beckham Male Peachtree City, GA 6/22/11
Scooter Male Westhampton, Mass 6/22/11
Lily Bell Female Greenfield, OH 6/22/13
Charlie Male Atlanta, GA 6/23/07
Angelique Female Chula Vista, CA 6/25/04
Mr. Darcy Male San Juan, PR 6/26
Chanel Female Cobourg, Ont, Can 6/2007
Beau Byron Male Palm Coast, FL 6/27/11
Wally Male Lk Chelan, WA 6/28/04
Dexter Male West Michigan 6/30/08


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Buttons Male Long Island, NY 7/1/17
Suzie Female Seattle, Tucson 7/2/05
Coki Female Morristown, NJ 7/2/11
Triscuit Female July 2
Chloe Female Cobourg, Ont, Can 7/2007
Buttons Male Long Island, NY 7/1/17
Gracie Female Northport, NY 7/4/10
Maxine Female Glenview, IL 7/4/10
Tucker Male Roseville, CA 7/5/17
Chloe Female Canandaigua, NY 7/8/10
Minnie Female National City, CA 7/10/10
Daisy May Female Clarence, NY 7/11/11
Giuseppe Male Lincoln, MA 7/13
Rosco Cole Train Male Clarence, NY 7/14/11
Pamuk Female 7/17
Kirby Male Redding, CA 7/21/10
Huckleberry Male Malvern, PA 7/21/14
Moose Male Folsom, CA 7/23/11
Abby Lynn Female Buckeye, AZ 7/24/12
Boomer Male Quincy, MA July 2006
Maverick Male Roseville, CA 7/25/11
Angel Female Lincoln, CA 7/25/13
Dinky Male Netherlands 7/30/13
Maizy Female Boise, ID 7/31/15

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Special Shout outs

  • Happy birthday to Sunny boy from Interlaken, NJ who celebrated his birthday on 5/18. His mom, Denise, is thrilled with her "new baby".

  • Pierre from Armore, PA was 2 years old on 5/11. His mom, Pam, says "Pierre celebrates everyday! He is always the life of the party"

  • Gracie from Chicago had her birthday on 4/18. Her mom, Marcia, "gives her special dog friendly cookie treats that are shaped like gifts and a martini and always a pink birthday hat".

  • Sophie from Georgetown, TX is perfect according to her mom, Patti. She's "Madagascar's Princess".

  • Casper's mom, Peggy, says "He is the love my life. He is so fun and is a little rascal. He loves playing with his toys in the morning and running loops around the house. He is just too cute for words!" They are from Fairfax, VA.

    Please let me know if you'd like your dog to get special love and attention in our newsletter or if you'd like your Coton event or meetup group to be shared here.

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