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Coton Connection, Issue #025 - New Coton grooming book
April 10, 2012
Welcome Coton Lovers:

Did you get the new Coton de Tulear grooming book?

Happy Spring!! Sorry I didn't send out an e-zine last month (crazy busy with work and travel). I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of Spring and lots of great weather.

In one of the last issues of the newsletter I mentioned you could order a new book about Coton grooming at called Grooming and Caring for your Coton de Tulear by Brigitte Jespersen and Helle Sydendal. I'm not affiliated with this book in any way, but I am always excited to get my hands on new information about this breed. I got my copy of the book last week and I'm very impressed with it.

If you are wondering whether to spend the $53 (recently reduced from $60 in the US), I've written a review of this book and two others to help you decide. You can find the review here.

I was also excited to hear that the authors are putting together a forum on their website where visitors can share their grooming questions and experiences. I know some of you self-groomers could certainly benefit from that.

I'd love to hear from anyone else who got the book. What do you think?

Another dog food recall

Diamond Pet Foods has announced a voluntary recall of its Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal and Rice dry dog food due to possible contamination with Salmonella bacteria.

You can

Happy Birthday Wishes:

Happy Birthday wishes go out to special Cotons who celebrate recent birthdays:


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Della (Dellalicious) Female Ohio 3/1/11
Andre Male Chula Vista, CA 3/7/04
Bambi Female Marietta, GA 3/8/06
Obi Wan Male Heathsville, VA 3/18/10
Toby Male Plymouth, MA 3/12/11
Callie Female Farmingdale, NY 3/14/09
Jacques Cousteau Male Florida 3/14/11
Ziggy (Doodles) Male Warsaw, IN 3/28/10
Natasha Female New York, NY 3/29/11


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Phoenix Male Canada 4/1/10
Trixie Female Swoyersville, PA 4/6/10
Tassie Female Las Vegas, NV 4/7/07
Basil Male Darien, CT 4/11/11
Sterling Male Ellington, CT 4/19/11
Logan Male St. Louis, MO 4/20/07
Bella Female Plainwell, MI 4/20/10
Chi Chi Female Plainwell, MI 4/20/10
Emmie Female Milford, MI 4/24/09
Jolly Roger Male Smithfield, KY 4/25/11
Cinderella (Cindy) Female Anchorage, AK 4/27/10

Want your Coton to get special birthday attention? It's easy; just join our Birthday Club.

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