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Coton Connection: Open for Your Happy Coton Holiday Gift - Issue #105
December 20, 2023
Welcome Coton Lovers:

Happy Holidays

I just wanted to send out a short newsletter this month to wish everyone happy holidays.

I appreciate this amazing Coton community so I want to gift you a downloadable 2024 Coton calendar. Just print and enjoy. I hope your 2024 days are filled with great joy, vibrant health, and lots of Coton fun and affection.

You can download the calendar here.

Hot Off the Press: What’s New on the Blog?

There’s an update post for Senior Dog Care here

Are you as obsessed with your Coton’s sleeping positions as I am? While scrolling through my photos, I noticed a huge percent of my Luc and Lucy pictures were of them sleeping. They’re just so cute and vulnerable when they’re asleep - and they sleep in the weirdest places sometimes.

So, I decided to look into what the different sleep habits and positions mean. You can read about Coton de Tulear Sleep Habits here

Check out all the sleeping Coton photos people have shared on Facebook. And don’t forget to share your own photos!

Coton Spotlight

Thanks to Pat for sharing Boo’s agility experience with us. What a champ! Meet Boo here.

Can anyone relate to Nancy’s description of her Coton, Daisy? Meet Crazy Miss Daisy here

I love your stories and photos. You can spotlight your Coton in our next newsletter. Just brag about them here!

Fun with AI

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Did you get the book yet?

You can learn more about the Meet the Cotons book here.

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No problem. You can catch up here.

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