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Coton Connection: - Issue #108 Spring has sprung: Tackling Ear Issues in the Coton de Tulear
March 26, 2024
Welcome Coton Lovers:

It’s the season for … Allergies

Here in the US, Spring has sprung, and I’m all for it! Who can resist the warmer days, the aromatic flowers, and the sun shining longer to make us feel like there’s more time in our day?

But as with all good things, there can be a bit of a buzzkill – allergy season, a nemesis for humans and dogs. My previous Coton, Luc, battled with allergies most of his life. Lucy, my current Coton, has it a bit easier (phew!), though she still faces the music with chronic ear infections.

Just this week, while visiting Lucy’s vet, I learned they’re swamped with appointments mostly for allergy-related troubles, with ear problems the most common complaint.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to update an older blog article about Coton ear problems. If your Coton suffers from ear issues, check out the article here.

CBD Update

I heard from several Coton parents who have had positive experiences using CBD for their dogs. Beth and Kim mentioned specific products, so I thought I’d pass it on.

Beth uses Paw CBD products. She said, “We use the blueberry anxiety tincture for fireworks, and they will actually ask for it by going to the cabinet and sitting there. We also use the treats every night to help with sleep and as an anti-inflammatory. I do see a decrease in their morning stiffness. Our vet didn’t know a lot about CBD but agreed that it couldn’t hurt to try it.”

Kim also had a positive experience to share with us. She said, “About a year ago, Chewy started limping towards the end of our daily walks. I researched CBD and other supplements for that issue and found Hemp Advanced Joint Health by NaturVet on Within 2 weeks, he was no longer limping and back to his frisky self.”

Coton Spotlight

Coton Shares

Proud mom Beth sent in an adorable photo of Maxwell and Tallulah Bell (affectionately called King and Queen). I think we can all relate to our Cotons being treated like royalty.

Meet Love Bug, Oscar here.

Fun with AI

Happy Easter to all who celebrate

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