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Coton Connection, Issue #072 - What you need to know about staining, meetups, and the eclipse
August 19, 2017
Welcome Coton Lovers:

Your Coton and the Eclipse

If you live in the US, you're probably hearing a great deal about the upcoming eclipse on August 21. There's a lot of great information about staying safe and wearing proper eye protection. Check out NASA's site to learn all the details.

But what about our dogs? Do they need special eye wear?

Unlike us humans, it's doubtful your dog will need special glasses since he or she probably won't be looking directly at the sun.

But dogs are unpredictable and it's better to be safe than sorry, right? Why not be prepared and use protective glasses or keep your dog inside during the event? I'm going to keep Luc indoors for the brief time of impact here in Florida because my boy LOVES to lay out on the porch and sunbathe. I don't want to take any chances.

Controversial staining solution?

I know staining is a problem for many Cotons. We've had dozens of posts on the blog about this and there doesn't seem to be a one-size-fits-all solution. I wanted to share a suggestion offered on our Facebook page that may help those of you who have tried all the traditional solutions (distilled water, high-quality food, eliminating plastic bowls, natural cleaning solutions).

One Facebook visitor shared that using colloidal silver has worked for tear stains. Most of the articles I've read say that colloidal silver is safe, but another helpful guest pointed out an article extolling the potential danger with this product.

I'm sharing this here because I know this is a big issue for many Cotons. I can't speak from personal experience because Luc doesn't have staining, so here's an article that sums up the pros and cons. I asked my vet what he thought. As you can imagine, he was more inclined to offer drugs but was not concerned about the safety of using the colloidal silver. I would recommend speaking with your vet and monitoring your dog's reaction to using the colloidal silver.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a simple solution that everyone agreed on? I can't think of one thing in this world where there's a 100% consensus (other than death and taxes). So with that said, start small and be a careful observer of your dog's reaction to this or any other treatment. And let us know how it works!

According to Dr. Becker, it's safe and easy:

"Apply a little of the colloidal silver to a cotton ball and wipe your pet's face. Colloidal silver has antimicrobial properties and will help reduce opportunistic yeast infections and moist dermatitis that can occur in the corners of your pet's eyes."

You can find colloidal silver easily and affordably on or at your local health food store.

Celebrations and Shoutouts

Happy Birthday Wishes:

Happy Birthday to all our Coton friends who celebrate birthdays in August.


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Triscuit Female Canton, PA August
Nala Female 8/1/12
Teddy Male Surprise, AZ 8/4/03
Frosty Peachtree City, GA 8/5/08
Tully Male Escondido, CA 8/7/11
Heidi Female Tomball, TX 8/8/05
Poppy 8/8/11
Biscuit 8/8/12
Pinkerton Male London, UK 8/8/13
Sadie Female Parksville, BC, Canada 8/9/11
Sophie Female San Juan, PR 8/10
Ozzy Male Rossville, GA 8/14/09
Mia Female Jacksonville, FL 8/14
Petey Male Newport News, VA 8/15/11
LuLu Belle Female Spartanburg. SC 8/16/10
Casper Male Spartanburg, SC 8/16/10
Bailey Female Torrance, CA 8/16/10
Cassidy Female Cherry Hill, NJ 8/19/07
Cotton Female Florida 8/19/10
Lola Female Jordan, NY 8/21/12
Emma Female Ontario, Canada 8/22/11
Socrates Male Rochester Hills, MI 8/22/14
Connie Female England 8/22/11
Socrates Male Rochester Hills, MI 8/22/14
Soffee Female Grantwood Village, MO 8/27/10
Griffin Female 8/28/09
Izzie Pierre Male La Center, WA 8/28/12
Nina Female Riverton, WY 8/29/11
Chewie Male Kettering, OH 8/29/12
Hope Female La Tuna Canyon, CA 8/29/15

Want your Coton to get special birthday attention? It's easy; just join our Birthday Club.

Upcoming Meetups:

Thanks to Margaret for sharing some upcoming meetup info:

Pacific Northwest
September 23
Luther Burbank Park
Mercer Island, WA

September 17
Millenium Park
Roxbury, MA

National UKC Conformation Show
National show for Coton de Tulear
September 30-Oct. 1

You can learn more at or on their Facebook page.

Please let me know if you'd like your Coton event or meetup group to be shared in our next newsletter.

Coton Meetup Reminder

Find other Coton families near you!

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You can find the Meetup Page here. The password is cotondog

Don't be shy - reach and contact someone. You know we all love to talk about our dogs, so others will be glad you took the first step to reach out. You can set up play dates or just discuss your favorite "Coton-friendly" local businesses such as vets, groomers, pet sitters, and stores.

Add your dog to the list here.

NOTE: You only need to sign up once

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Gale and Luc

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