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Coton Connection, Issue #093 - Simple solution for your finicky Coton eaters
August 24, 2021
Welcome Coton Lovers:

The End to Lucy's Finicky Eating (I hope)

Thanks to everyone who reached out to me with your congratulations, well wishes, and advice for my new puppy. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the support. Raising an energetic, headstrong puppy is keeping me on my toes!

This month I thought I’d revisit a popular and frustrating subject so many of you know about - dealing with picky eaters. I couldn’t wait to share my experience with Lucy when she wouldn’t eat out of her bowl, because I know so many of you can relate. At first I was dismayed that Lucy was one of the finicky Cotons I hear so much about.

But I found that if I put her food in a food puzzle, she was very eager to eat her whole meal. Plus, this also helps with mental stimulation, which is critical for dogs, especially puppies. I’ve added the food puzzles that Lucy loves on this new page, along with all our visitors advice over the years on this subject. I hope one or more of these ideas helps, as now I know first hand how frustrating this can be. Luc was more of a "there's nothing I won't eat" kind of dog.

Celebrations and Shoutouts

Happy Birthday Wishes

Thanks for understanding my missing all your Coton birthdays and milestones during the past year or more. Between the pandemic and losing Luc, my motivation definitely waned. It’s good to feel energized again. Your dogs are so special and deserve a shoutout on their special day.

Let's start by celebrating Cotons with birthdays this month and next.


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Triscuit Female Canton, PA August
Opie Male Leland, NC 8/2005
Nala Female 8/1/12
Teddy Male Surprise, AZ 8/4/03
Frosty Peachtree City, GA 8/5/08
Tully Male Escondido, CA 8/7/11
Nala Female Memphis, TN 8/7/12
Heidi Female Tomball, TX 8/8/05
Poppy 8/8/11
Biscuit Female Gainesville, FL 8/8/12
Pinkerton Male London, UK 8/8/13
Sadie Female Parksville, BC, Canada 8/9/11
Sophie Female San Juan, PR 8/10
Walter Male Belfast, Northern Ireland 8/12/15
Ozzy Male Rossville, GA 8/14/09
Mia Female Jacksonville, FL 8/14
Petey Male Newport News, VA 8/15/11
LuLu Belle Female Spartanburg. SC 8/16/10
Casper Male Spartanburg, SC 8/16/10
Bailey Female Torrance, CA 8/16/10
Pip Male Wassaga Beach, Ontario,Ca 8/16/16
Maddie Female Glendale, AZ 8/18
Cassidy Female Cherry Hill, NJ 8/19/07
Cotton Female Florida 8/19/10
Lola Female Jordan, NY 8/21/12
Agape Wewahitchka, FL 8/21/14
Emma Female Ontario, Canada 8/22/11
Socrates Male Rochester Hills, MI 8/22/14
Connie Female England 8/22/11
Socrates Male Rochester Hills, MI 8/22/14
Soffee Female Grantwood Village, MO 8/27/10
Griffin Female 8/28/09
Izzie Pierre Male La Center, WA 8/28/12
Nina Female Riverton, WY 8/29/11
Chewie Male Kettering, OH 8/29/12
Hope Female La Tuna Canyon, CA 8/29/15


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Daisy Female Maryland 9/1/11
Maxwell Male Conshohocken, PA 9/4/13
Perrier Jouet (Joyet) Orange County, CA 9/5
Missy Female Powell, OH 9/5/10
Dusty Female Kutztown, PA 9/7
Ella Female Oaks, CA 9/8/14
Jude and Lucy Female (sisters) Durham, NC 9/9/10
Missy Female Powell, OH 9/9/11
Cody Male Warwick, RI 9/11/10
Callie Female San Francisco, CA 9/12/10
Luci Female 9/12/09
Jackson Male Leeds, ME 9/10/12
Teddy Male Brick, NJ 9/13/13
Jingle Female Nashville, TN 9/15/10
Mia Female Santa Rosa, CA 9/18/10
Lilly Female Rogers, AR 9/19/07
Beau (Bojangles) Male Illinois 9/20/10
Mati (Mathilda) Female Wenatchee, WA 9/21/10
Rosie Female Cornelius, NC 9/22/10
Rudy Male Newtown, PA 9/22/15
Oliver Wendell Holmes Male Chatsworth, CA 9/24/10
Boo Male Osoyoos, BC, Canada 9/25/15
Izzie Female Goodyear, AZ 9/28/10
Webster Male Vancouver, WA 9/28/11

Special Shoutouts

  • Ella from Harrisburg, PA is turning 3, but her mom, Kate forgot to tell me the date. But here’s how she’ll be celebrating. “We are having a Birthday Party with 3 of Ella's friends coming over for doggie ice cream, swim party, and lots of room to romp and roll. We will have lots of good treats for the obedient players. There will be special surprises for moms and dads. Hope to make this one a memorable one.”

  • Agape’s mom, Christi says that “Agape is a happy dog & always makes us smile.” Agape turned 7 on 8/21 and is from Wewahitchka, Florida.

  • Happy 2nd birthday to Mili from Punta Gorda and Indianapolis. Her proud mom shared some photos here.

  • You can wish Bailey a belated 11th birthday here.

  • BooBoo from Highlands Ranch, CO had a 2nd birthday on May 3. I couldn’t resist noting his belated birthday because his mom, Cathie said “He’s been a joy (and a handful) and he’s full of crazy”. This cracked me up because I feel the same way about Lucy.

  • Sadly, we said goodbye to Angel Baby Sophie. You can send condolences here.

  • And welcome new puppy, Benji, who was born on June 13th. His human, Rickey, says “I truly believe I was meant to own Benji because he arrived earlier than the breeder was expecting and as a result shares the same birthdate as my 1st Coton Moose who passed away on 05/28/2021 just a couple weeks before his 16th birthday.”

  • One of our visitors, Cork Eringaard, has something very special to share. He has written a book about his Coton, Bernie. It’s a lovely story about Bernie’s adventures. And the author says a sequel is coming…

    This is what the author had to say about the book: "Last spring I published a story about adventures I have had with my Coton. It is called Bernie: A Story for Someone Who Thinks They Might Like To Have a Dog. It's sold as an e-book on Kindle, and can also be found at Barnes and Noble, Amazon Books and Universe Publishers. It is story about a Coton that lives a life a bit unusual, with porcupines, squirrels, deer and occasional skunks.

    Your Coton Harness Recommendations

    Last month I put out a request for harness recommendations on Facebook. Lucy was kind of in between sizes and kept slipping out of the 3 harnesses I had for her. Of course I received all kinds of good advice. I figured this might be useful for others who are also looking for suggestions on a new harness, so here’s a link to that post. And lucky for me, Lucy has grown enough that she can now fit into all of the harnesses I have for her.

    Helpful Puppy Resource

    I want to share a free resource that’s been super helpful to me during these puppy days. A Facebook Group "Dog training advice and support" has guides available on just about any subject regarding training you can think of. The guides are free and in depth. This isn’t just for puppies, though. There’s plenty of info for adults, seniors, rescues,and includes just about every behavior you can think of. Check it out on Facebook here. You just have to join their group first.

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