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Coton Connection, Issue #019 - Is your Coton really safe at home?
August 16, 2011
Welcome Coton Lovers:

It may be time to take another look at how "dog-safe" your home is

I've mentioned that I am in the process of moving to a new home and we're living in a temporary place until the new house is ready. Anyone who's moved recently knows just how chaotic things can get. Luc has gotten himself into some situations in our temporary home that could have been totally avoided if I'd been less preoccupied and had just taken some time to "dog-proof" our temporary home.

I thought I'd share some of these potential dangers with you so you can just do another check on your home and make sure it's as safe and comfortable as possible for your precious Coton.

One day I just happened to walk in the kitchen and see Luc with something hanging out of his mouth. Turns out there were ant baits all over the floors in the house that I failed to notice. I was horrified to see my dog with one of those chemical-filled traps in his mouth.

Another thing that got by me was all the breakable items that were easily accessible to Luc in this new place. Of course it only got by me until the first time I heard the crash and saw broken glass all over the floor.

I also learned the hard way how important it is to make sure that furniture is safe. Luc has always been allowed on all the furniture in my home and in our old home I made sure that whenever he jumped off a chair, bed, or sofa, there was something soft for him to land on like carpet or a step-stool. Well, that got by me as well until I saw my little guy limping one morning. He jumped off the couch top onto the tile floor.

I am very grateful that Luc is okay and I finally got the message to take some time and really pay attention to any potential hazards in this new home. It's so natural for dogs to be curious about something new and it's our job to make sure that they're safe and can't get into any trouble.

When we get new puppies the first thing we do is puppy-proof our homes so that our dogs are safe and comfortable and that they can't destroy our valuable things. But sometimes as time goes by it's a good idea to re-evaluate and make sure that our homes and yards are still as safe as possible.

Take some time this summer to make sure your home is still dog safe and review these common dog dangers.

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