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Coton Connection, Issue #084 - Happy Holidays
December 19, 2018
Welcome Coton Lovers:

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! There's so much to celebrate - Lots of birthdays and holidays! Luc and I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season filled with love, fun, great health and prosperity, and tons of Coton hugs and kisses.

I also wanted to share a fun find - the Lickimat. Luc would eat 24/7 if he could. Seriously! I'm always looking for ways to make him work for his treats so they last longer. I freeze some peanut butter (or almond butter, apple sauce, smashed banana, or even some of his dog food) on this mat and it keeps him happy for A LONG TIME! It's also great for Cotons who like to lick or who need some calming due to separation anxiety. I like it better than Kong toys because it doesn't roll all over the place and leave a messy floor - plus it's inexpensive and easy to clean.

Celebrations and Shoutouts

Happy Birthday Wishes:

Happy birthday to all the Cotons who celebrate birthdays in November and December.


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Cooper Male 11/2/10
Snowball Male Winchester, VA 11/2/10
King George Male Lehi, UT 11/4
Bailey Male Des Moines, IA 11/9/09
Casper Male Des Moines, IA 11/9/09
Jolie Female 11/9/10
Bailey Male 11/10/10
Lexi Female 11/11
Ozzy Marieta, GA 11/11/15
Westy Male Pensacola, FL 11/13/12
Clyde Male Connecticut 11/13/13
Molly Female Milton, NY 11/15/09
Romeo Male Greenview, MO 11/18/14
Napoleon Male 11/19/10
Lexi Female Sun City Center, FL 11/19/11
Mickey Male Toms River, NJ 11/19/14
Lexi & AnnaBelle Female Indiana 11/20/16
Coco Female Burlington, ON, Canada 11/24/16
Chief Chirpa Male Boston, MA 11/24/16
Elliott Male QC, Canada 11/25/10
Diego Ramirez Male Plymouth Meeting, PA 11/25/11
Raggy Female Lincolnshire, UK 11/28/09
Sushi Boo Female Brighton, UK 11/30/06
Marley Male South Carolina 11/30/12
Zuni Male Bronx, NY 11/30/11


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Indy Bindy Male Decatur, GA 12/2/15
Trulea Female Stamford, CT 12/2/16
Trace Saxapahaw, NC 12/4
Jonah Male Glendale, AZ 12/6/07
Lincoln Male Las Vegas, NV 12/6/16
Beany Male Alliance, NE 12/6/11
Samantha Rose Female New Windsor, NY 12/8/10
Tulie Male Ohio 12/9/16
Baxter Smith Male North Lauderdale, FL 12/10/16
Little Boy Male Saint Clair Shores, MI 12/13/08
Harley Male Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil 12/13/08
Madison (Maddie) Female Palm Coast 12/14/09
Charlie Male West Sussex, UK 12/14/12
Leila Female Burlington, ON, Canada 12/15/10
Apollo Male CT 12/15/14
Hugo Male George West, TX 12/16
Piccolo Female Lincolnshire, UK 12/17/10
Spanky Male Centereach, NY 12/18/10
Chauncey Male Oro Valley, AZ 12/18/11
Wilson Male Chesapeake, VA 12/19/10
Casey Male Naples, Fl 12/20/05
Lilly and Poppy Female 12/20/11
Maggie Maie Female Arrington, VA 12/20/14
Emma Female Santa Rosa, CA 12/22/10
Gracie Jean Female Phoenix, AX 12/22/15
Giovanni Male New York 12/24/10
Sparkle Female New York, NY 12/25/10
Ochi Female Peoria, AZ 12/25/16
Connor & Cooper Male 12/26
Tucker Male Pinellas Park, FL 12/26/05
Bijoux Male Lake Charles, LA 12/26//12
Tuffy Male In Memoriam 12/26
Heathcliff Male Houston, TX 12/27/08
Poppy Female Greensboro, NC 12/27/10
Armani Male Sun City, AZ 12/28/08
Cotton Male Nashville, TN 12/29
Olive Female Holladay, UT 12/29/10
Buffy Female Port Saint Lucie, FL 12/29/14
Zoey Female Pittsburg, KS 12/30/09
Trilly Female Italy 12/31/10
Pepper Male Spartanburg, SC 12/31/14

Want your Coton to get special birthday attention? It's easy; just join our Birthday Club.

Special Shout outs

    11/11 - Lexi. An absolute sweetheart. Playful and so funny.

    11/24/16 - Chief Chirpa from Bostan, MA. Mom, Lisa, says "He is loving and full of fun. Affectionate with people, especially babies, and other dogs. He is smart and empathetic. When out on walks, Chirpa beelines for people he thinks need a little cheer and he has never been wrong."

    12/2/16 - Trulea from Stamford, CT. Mom, Linda says "She follows me wherever I go."

    12/2/15 - Indy Bindy from Decatur, GA. Mom, Barbara, says "He is the best pup I've ever had, and I have had many wonderful dogs. And he saved my husband's life!!"

    Happy Birthday to Connor & Cooper celebrating on 12/26

    12/29/14 - Buffy lives in Port Saint Lucie FL (What? Luc is from there also). She is very spoiled. Aren't all Cotons?

    12/29 - Cotton from Nashville, TN. Mom, Becky, says "COTTON is a happy dog. He loves playing with other dogs."

    11/28 - Raggy (11/28) and Piccolo (12/17) from Lincolnshire, UK. Raggy just had puppies! She is a very loving mummy to a boy puppy (blonde/white) and a girl puppy (black and white)(photo). Piccolo is Raggy's sister/friend and is very small and loving.

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Gale and Luc

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