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Coton Connection, Issue #094 - My new favorite dog book
November 02, 2021
Welcome Coton Lovers:

Fast moving puppy days

It’s hard to believe that Lucy is already 6 1/5 months old. It’s amazing what a difference a few months can make. She’s gone from a wild energetic pup with virtually no impulse control, to a smart, affectionate, curious, and somewhat calmer girl. She loves EVERYBODY and it’s been so much fun watching her learn and grow. I hate that time is moving so fast and she’ll soon outgrow these wonderful puppy days, but I admit I’m looking forward to less biting, cat chasing, and early morning wake-ups. :)

We’ve also passed the Coton milestone many of you can relate to -the first haircut. Finding a groomer who knows about the Coton de Tulear coat was more challenging than I thought it would be in my new city. I was a little emotional when Lucy got all her beautiful long hair cut off. But after a couple of days, I’m getting used to the shorter look and it’s impossible for Cotons to not look cute, right?

My new favorite dog book

I wanted to share a new book that I just devoured that has so much valuable information about dog health and longevity. I can go down the internet rabbit hole looking up every question I have about Lucy’s care. The Forever Dog by Dr. Karen Becker and Rodney Habib consolidates so much information that’s put together in an easy-to-understand way. I highlighted practically the entire book!

As you can imagine, nutrition is a huge part of the book. I get so many questions asking what the best dog food is for our Cotons, and The Forever Dog does a wonderful job of providing answers to all your nutrition questions. They give the lowdown on the pros and cons of homemade, raw, kibble, dehydrated, fresh, organic, grain-free, and human-grade diets.

What I loved about this book is that the authors don’t expect us to follow every recommendation they make. They say that even replacing just 10% of your dog’s kibble and treats with fresh food can add years to your dog's life.

They also give easy formulas to help us determine if our dog's food is optimal for good health and longevity. I was shocked to see how much non-essential carbs were in Lucy's expensive, organic, human-grade food. This book helped me choose food that I could feel good about.

The book also has sections on supplements, stress relief, behavior, exercise, dental health, environmental dangers, cancer prevention, flea and tick prevention, and tons of resources including everything from what kind of bones to give to finding a pet nutritionist.

You know how on January 1st a lot of us decide to make BIG changes in our lives and then give up a week later? Big changes all at once are hard to sustain. I love that you can make small changes to your dog’s life that have the potential to add quality years.

Celebrations and Shoutouts

Happy Birthday Wishes

Let's celebrate Cotons who have birthdays in October through December. Yikes - This year is moving fast!


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Lily Female River Edge, NJ 10/1/14
Champ "Baby Boy" Male Alexandria, VA 10/2
Tamara Female Pensacola, FL 10/2/17
Schnapps Albuquerque, NM 10/3
Jeffurson Male Winchester, IN 10/3/14
Luc (in memoriam) Male PSL, FL 10/5/05
Tessa Female Marshall, MI 10/11/10
Jillie Bean Female Plymouth, NE 10/12/12
Fifi Female San Juan, PR 10/13
Merlin Male Chappaqua, NY 10/14/10
Angel Female Holland, IA 10/15/11
Sasha Female Palmyra, PA 10/16/11
Cotton Male College Station, TX 10/16/17
Suzy Female College Station, TX 10/16/17
Pierre Male Los Angeles, CA 10/17/13
Bob Male Nashville, TN 10/17/15
Jolie Female DeRidder, LA 10/24/08
Jack Male Northwood, OH 10/25/13
Keaton Male 10/26/10
Keeva Female Montesano, WA 10/26/11
Riley Male Wake Forest, NC 10/27/10
Bentley Male Miamisburg, OH 10/27/13
Cousteau Male Midlothian, TX 10/31/05


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Cooper Male 11/2/10
Snowball Male Winchester, VA 11/2/10
King George Male Lehi, UT 11/4
Henri Male Fredericksburg, VA 11/4/16
Bailey Male Des Moines, IA 11/9/09
Casper Male Des Moines, IA 11/9/09
Jolie Female 11/9/10
Bailey Male 11/10/10
Lexi Female 11/11
Ozzy Marieta, GA 11/11/15
Westy Male Pensacola, FL 11/13/12
Clyde Male Connecticut 11/13/13
Molly Female Milton, NY 11/15/09
Romeo Male Greenview, MO 11/18/14
Napoleon Male 11/19/10
Lexi Female Sun City Center, FL 11/19/11
Mickey Male Toms River, NJ 11/19/14
Lexi & AnnaBelle Female Indiana 11/20/16
Coco Female Burlington, ON, Canada 11/24/16
Chief Chirpa Male Boston, MA 11/24/16
Elliott Male QC, Canada 11/25/10
Diego Ramirez Male Plymouth Meeting, PA 11/25/11
Raggy Female Lincolnshire, UK 11/28/09
Sushi Boo Female Brighton, UK 11/30/06
Marley Male South Carolina 11/30/12
Zuni Male Bronx, NY 11/30/11


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Delilah Rose Female Pittson Township, PA 12/1/20
Indy Bindy Male Decatur, GA 12/2/15
Trulea Female Stamford, CT 12/2/16
Trace Saxapahaw, NC 12/4
Jonah Male Glendale, AZ 12/6/07
Lincoln Male Las Vegas, NV 12/6/16
Beany Male Alliance, NE 12/6/11
Bailey Male NC 12/7/20
Samantha Rose Female New Windsor, NY 12/8/10
Tulie Male Ohio 12/9/16
Baxter Smith Male North Lauderdale, FL 12/10/16
Little Boy Male Saint Clair Shores, MI 12/13/08
Harley Male Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil 12/13/08
Madison (Maddie) Female Palm Coast 12/14/09
Charlie Male West Sussex, UK 12/14/12
Leila Female Burlington, ON, Canada 12/15/10
Apollo Male CT 12/15/14
Hugo Male George West, TX 12/16
Piccolo Female Lincolnshire, UK 12/17/10
Spanky Male Centereach, NY 12/18/10
Chauncey Male Oro Valley, AZ 12/18/11
Wilson Male Chesapeake, VA 12/19/10
Casey Male Naples, Fl 12/20/05
Lilly and Poppy Female 12/20/11
Emma Female Santa Rosa, CA 12/22/10
Gracie Jean Female Phoenix, AX 12/22/15
Giovanni Male New York 12/24/10
Sparkle Female New York, NY 12/25/10
Ochi Female Peoria, AZ 12/25/16
Tucker Male Pinellas Park, FL 12/26/05
Bijoux Male Lake Charles, LA 12/26//12
Heathcliff Male Houston, TX 12/27/08
Poppy Female Greensboro, NC 12/27/10
Armani Male Sun City, AZ 12/28/08
Cotton Male Nashville, TN 12/29
Olive Female Holladay, UT 12/29/10
Buffy Female Port Saint Lucie, FL 12/29/14
Zoey Female Pittsburg, KS 12/30/09
Maggie Mae Female Arrington, VA 12/30/14
Trilly Female Italy 12/31/10
Pepper Male Spartanburg, SC 12/31/14
Bruno Male Sacramento, CA 12/31/18

Special Shoutouts

Belated birthday wishes:
  • Happy belated birthday to Merle from Punta Gorda, FL. His 2nd birthday was July 19th and his Coton sister Mili helped him celebrate. She’s just 2 weeks older than him, born on 7/28/19. Mom, Nancy, gets twice as much Coton love. Say hello to Merle.

  • Happy Birthday to Boo who celebrated on 9/25. Wish Boo a belated birthday.

    And there's puppies!

  • Meet new Coton puppy, Abby. Let the new Coton parents know that they will eventually get a good nights sleep again :)

  • Say hello to 9 month old, Bailey from NC here.

  • Rescue puppy, Colton, loves his new home. Say hello and Meet Colton.

    Best wishes for a joyous, happy, and healthy holiday season.

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