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Coton Connection, Issue #047 - My new addiction
June 23, 2015
Welcome Coton Lovers:

My New Addiction

Okay, I'll admit it - I'm a bit of a nerd. I love taking classes and learning new things. But even my non-nerd family and friends are loving Have you heard of it? Are you using it?

What is it? It's a website/app where ANYONE can access training on just about anything you can think of - everything from cooking to business. I recently took classes on photography, self-publishing, dog barking, and a software I wanted to learn. I also have dozens of classes on my wish list.

But what does this have to do with our Cotons? Why am I going on and on about Udemy? Well, while I was scrolling through the hundreds of courses available, I found several interesting dog related classes. I took Dog Training - Barking and it was very well done. It was actually very similar to Doggy Dan's style of training that I love.

Here are some of the things I love about Udemy

  • Many classes are free or low cost.

  • You can easily find discount codes that can save you up to 75% off a class. Just go to Google and type "Udemy promo code" or "Udemy coupon" I spent $12 on a class that was originally $79.

  • The course curriculum is available to preview before committing to the course and most classes allow you to sample a brief video of the class ahead of time.

  • Reviews of the course are posted by former students. This allows you to determine if the class is worth your time or money.

  • The classes are short and to the point - they don't drag on for days like many classes do. You can also advance from one subject to another easily so you can skip things you already know or have no interest in.

  • You can learn at your own pace on any device that's convenient. I took the dog barking class on my iPad.
  • You also have lifetime access so you can watch whenever you want.

I love sharing things I love. My friend learned how to publish a children's book she wrote, my sister is an artist learning how to market her sculptures, and a co-worker is taking a class on Yoga. Just don't blame me if you become addicted.

Just go to and browse in the lifestyle section for all the dog related classes. Here are some I found that look interesting:

From Puppy to Dog Training

Polite Puppy Training

Polite Leash Walking

Dog Training - Barking

Dog Training - Aggression

Dog Tricks and Training

ENJOY - Happy Learning


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Happy Birthday Wishes:

Happy Birthday to all our Coton friends who celebrate birthdays in May and June:


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Cotton Male Wooster, OH 5/1/07
Beemer Male Nashville, TN 5/2/10
Tica Female Brazil 5/5/12
Cooper Male Venetia, PA 5/5/11
Nemo Male Ontario, Canada 5/6/10
Beauregard Male 5/8
Zoe Paige Female 5/9/02
Madeline (Maddie) Female Tucscon, AZ 5/9/09
Peppin Male Abbeville, LA 5/10/10
Truffles Male Orlando, FL 5/13/13
Benny Male 5/14/10
Scout Male Ontario, Canada 5/14/12
Cotton Female Mesquite, NV 5/15/09
Woogie Male Montclair, NJ 5/16/10
Candie Female Florida 5/17/08
Remme Male Garrison, NY 5/19/12
Bueller Male Cincinnati, OH 5/25/12
Sir Oliver Male Timonium, MD 5/27/00
Rosy Female 5/28/11
Gigi Female Lakeland, FL 5/30/12


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Simon Male 6/1/02
Max Male Mount Holly, VT 6/1/10
Toshiyuki Male Ellington, CT 6/4/10
Gigi Female 6/6/08
Watson Male Vancouver, WA 6/6/11
Lola Female Norwood, MA 6/9/11
Mr. Beauregarde Male Lyme, CT 6/9/13
Colbie Female Eldersburg, MD 6/9/12
Hope Female Quebec, Canada 6/10/09
Peluche Male Puerto Rico 6/10
Barney Male Palmyra, VA 6/11/10
Bonnie Blue Female Virginia 6/14/11
Moe Male 6/17/09
Savannah Female Leeds, ME 6/17/10
Obi Wan Male 6/21/10
Codie Male 6/21/05
Lucy Female Greenville, SC 6/22/11
Bailey Beckham Male Peachtree City, GA 6/22/11
Scooter Male Westhampton, Mass 6/22/11
Angelique Female Chula Vista, CA 6/25/04
Mr. Darcy Male San Juan, PR 6/26
Chanel Female Cobourg, Ont, Can 6/2007
Beau Byron Male Palm Coast, FL 6/27/11

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