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Coton Connection, Issue #092 - Meet Lucy, my new Coton puppy
July 27, 2021
Welcome Coton Lovers:

Meet Lucy - My new miracle:

In case you didn’t see my post on Facebook, I’m a new Coton mom again. In honor of Luc, her name is Lucy. I’ve never had a female dog before (not deliberately, that’s just the way things worked out). She’s much smaller than Luc, has different coloring, and has different “quirks”, but she’s pure Coton love.

After Luc passed in January, I wasn’t sure if I was going to have another dog again, much less a puppy. But after a couple months, it was clear that my life just doesn’t make sense without these amazing companions. At first I stalked all the local shelters, thinking I just wanted to give a home to a dog in need. But things have definitely changed in these pandemic days since I worked in a shelter several years ago. It was challenging where I live to find a small dog, and when I did, there was a mile-long waiting list. Plus, I compared every dog to Luc, and realized that I really did want another Coton. But all the reputable breeders I searched out had waiting lists a mile long. Sigh.

But a miracle happened when I accidentally found a reputable breeder from the Malagasy Coton de Tulear Preservation Club (Sweet and Fun Cotons), who happened to live only 1 1/2 hours from me and just happened to have a puppy available. It was meant to be. I still don’t know how all the stars aligned for me to find this puppy.

I naively thought that this time around, Coton puppy life would be much easier than when I got Luc over 15 years ago. But puppies are never easy, are they? I got used to Luc’s senior years where he was so calm and mellow and slept all the time. I forgot that you can’t take your eyes off a puppy for a minute! OMG - there’s nothing Lucy won’t try to chew. And we will definitely have to work on her learning to be alone. Thankfully, puppies sleep a lot. I’m not going to lie - I had a couple of “what was I thinking?”moments.

But even with all the puppy chaos, I’ve got the advantage of knowing how Lucy's going to turn out. Luc started out SO naughty and mischievous and if he could turn into a very good boy, I know Lucy will be just fine. Patience is a lesson I seem to need to learn (again!).

Also, I have a website filled with all kinds of advice and user experiences so I don’t have to do research from ground zero like I did back when Luc was a pup. Although, it’s become clear that I’ll have to make updates to the website since there’s been many changes over the years. So many new food choices, training philosophies, more knowledge about this rare breed, and an abundance of information to comb through in the past 15 years. And I love that there’s so much support in this Coton community with people who give time and advice so generously.

Working with a great breeder cut down a lot of the stress and confusion a new puppy often brings by providing so many great resources and by doing a great job of training and socializing before I even picked her up. I’ve called my breeder for advice several times since I’ve had Lucy and I’m so grateful for her support.

The breeder used the Puppy Culture Program. , which helps shape the first 12 weeks (and beyond) physically, behaviorally, and emotionally. By the time I got Lucy at 10 weeks, she was well adjusted, had been socialized, was 90% paper trained, was eager to please, and had started on clicker training. I'm so grateful for the work my breeder put in. If anyone had a new puppy or thinking about getting one, this is a wonderful resource.

So wish me luck, and as soon as things become a little less chaotic, I’ll try to be more consistent with the newsletter and keep you updated to changes on the website. And as always, keep sharing your Coton stories.

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