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Coton Connection, Issue #095 - Can. your Coton be trusted?
January 18, 2022
Welcome Coton Lovers:

Keeping Lucy safe is a full time job!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about having a puppy again, it’s that you have to keep an eye on them at all times. The minute I get distracted, Lucy finds trouble.

Sometimes the trouble is minor, like chewing shoelaces or knocking things off a shelf. But I am amazed at how often I’m not as aware of Lucy as I think I am. We recently ended up in the emergency clinic because I was distracted making lunch and didn’t realize that some grapes somehow made their way into her crate. I’m not sure how that happened and I couldn’t tell if she had eaten any, but after calling the vet, I found out just how serious grapes are to dogs.

I’ve always heard that grapes were a no-no for dogs, but I didn’t realize just how dangerous until the vet was inducing Lucy to vomit and telling me that kidney failure was a real possibility. Thankfully, the vomit showed that she hadn’t eat any grapes, so the crisis was diverted. So grateful!

Fast forward a few weeks and I was once again reminded that Lucy is still too young to be trusted (and my attention span needs serious work). My friend was visiting with her little Havanese, so we took them down by the lake and let them play off leash. They were having so much fun. But of course, I started talking to my friend and before I knew it, Lucy was running into the lake. I couldn’t believe it. Fortunately, Lucy instinctively knew how to swim. She swam over to a pipe that she was able to hang on to until we could get to her and pull her out. OMG - I think that took a couple years off my life :).

I try not to be too hard on myself because it’s impossible to be 100% attentive 24/7. I think I’m getting better at it, but Lucy is a master at knowing when I’m distracted so I need to work on being more attentive.

How are your attention skills with your Coton?

Celebrations and Shoutouts

Happy Birthday Wishes

Let's celebrate Cotons who have birthdays in January and February.


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Seminole Female Pensacola, FL 1/1/11
Bevo Male Woodlands, TX 1/3/12
D'Arcy Female Raleigh, NC 1/3/19
Bailey Male Grayslake, IL 1/5/11
Theodore Male Canada 1/5/11
Qtip Male Union, NJ 1/5/13
Bailey Naples, FL 1/7/14
Kyra Female Rocklin, CA 1/7/12
Nikki Female Woodbridge, CT 1/7/15
Cassi Female 1/8/10
Olivia Female Leominster, MA 1/9/09
Eleana Female Leominster, MA 1/9/09
Angelique Female San Diego, CA 1/9
Truffle Female Las Vegas, NV 1/10/10
Naya Female Santa Rosa, CA 1/10/10
Emma Female 1/11/11
Dottie Female Plainwell, MI 1/12/14
Arlo Brighton, Co 1/14/16
Athena Female 1/15/10
Finlay Male Palm coast 1/15/17
Wishes Female Tumwater, WA 1/16/12
Mirabella Female Columbus, OH 1/17/05
Romeo Male El Cajon, CA 1/17/17
Captain Fuzz Male Sun City, AZ 1/17/16
Barney Male Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 1/18/11
Gleason Male Centereach, NY 1/18/13
Barkley Male 1/23/10
Quinn Westland, MI 1/23/13
Candy Female Kirkwood, MO 1/26/11
Coco Female Florida 1/28
Coco Female 1/27/08
Simba Biella, Italy 1/28/11


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Abner Male Tuttle, OK 2/1/14
Katinka Joy Female North Bethesda, MD 2/2/12
Nugget Male WI and FL 2/2/15
Betty Female Middletown, MD 2/3/12
Mac Male 2/7/09
Calliope Female Lancaster, NY 2/7/10
Palin Female Sun Valley, CA 2/8/10
Alexia (Lexi) Female Powder Springs, GA 2/8/11
Pogo Male Vestal, NY 2/8/12
Austin Male Hilo, HI 2/9/11
Toby Male Palmyra, NY 2/10/11
Manju Male Illinois 2/10/11
Pixie-Dust Male Wilts, United Kingdom 2/11/11
Prince Male Bear, DE 2/11/13
Zorro Male Laguna Hills, CA 2/13/08
Tank Male Quincy, MA 2/18/11
Jazzy Female Nashville, TN 2/18/11
Luc Male Pompano Beach, FL 2/20/15
Marmalade Female Beaufort, SC 2/20/15
Bella Female Oceanside, NY 2/21/11
Louie Male 2/21/07
Surf Male Half Moon Bay, CA 2/21/11
Halo Liverpool, UK 2/26/17
Casper Male Oceanside, NY 2/27/17
Jasper Male Oakland, CA 2/29/08

Special Shoutouts

Meet these adorable Cotons

  • Meet half sisters, Roxy and Piccolina from the UK

  • Sophie thinks she looks good for 12 yrs old. Don't you agree?

  • Meet new Coton puppy, Say hello to City dog, Sunny

  • Here’s little bundle of love, Kara.

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