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Coton Connection, Issue #052 - Happy Holidays from Gale and Luc
December 08, 2015
Welcome Coton Lovers:

Happy Holidays

Is your Coton naughty or nice?

I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season. This is a wonderful time of year, but it can also be a busy time where we can get overwhelmed or easily distracted with all the activity going on.

Luc is always teaching me lessons. He is so smart and definitely knows right from wrong. When I'm with him fully present he's always a perfect little angel. But he watches and waits for me to get distracted (phonecall, doorbell, cooking, working on computer) and then he'll plot for ways to get into trouble.

I was busy wrapping presents and let my guard down. I wasn't paying attention and I left the pantry door in the kitchen open just a crack. Well, that's all Luc needed. This was a picture of him skulking away from the scene of the crime. By the time I found him, he'd eaten an entire box of crackers. Thankfully, he hadn't had a chance to eat the coffee k-cups or much of the popcorn.

Part of me is a little proud of his mischievous ingenuity. But I was really lucky that he didn't get into something more dangerous like the bag of chocolate chips or box of raisins.

So, once again Luc reminds me to slow down and pay attention. I thought I'd pass this reminder on to you so that you can all have wonderful and safe holiday.

Thanks for another great year!

Happy Birthday Wishes:

Happy Birthday to all our Coton friends who celebrate birthdays in December:


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Trace Saxapahaw, NC 12/4
Jonah Male Glendale, AZ 12/6/07
Beany Male Alliance, NE 12/6/11
Samantha Rose Female New Windsor, NY 12/8/10
Little Boy Male Saint Clair Shores, MI 12/13/08
Harley Male Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil 12/13/08
Charlie Male West Sussex, UK 12/14/12
Leila Female Burlington, ON, Canada 12/15/10
Spanky Male Centereach, NY 12/18/10
Chauncey Male Oro Valley, AZ 12/18/11
Wilson Male Chesapeake, VA 12/19/10
Casey Male Naples, Fl 12/20/05
Lilly and Poppy Female 12/20/11
Emma Female Santa Rosa, CA 12/22/10
Giovanni Male New York 12/24/10
Sparkle Female New York, NY 12/25/10
Tucker Male Pinellas Park, FL 12/26/05
Tuffy Male Bristol, CT 12/26//07
Heathcliff Male Houston, TX 12/27/08
Poppy Female Greensboro, NC 12/27/10
Olive Female Holladay, UT 12/29/10
Zoey Female Pittsburg, KS 12/30/09
Trilly Female Italy 12/31/10

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Gale and Luc

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