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Coton Connection, Issue #043 - Are you a Coton Expert?
June 18, 2014
Welcome Coton Lovers:

How much do you know about your dog?

I hope you and your beautiful Cotons are enjoying the summer weather.

Do you think you're an expert on the Coton de Tulear? Test your knowledge and CLICK HERE to take this fast and fun quiz.

Note: Don't worry about entering your name, it will not be used for anything other than taking the quiz. But you can use an alias (or your dog's name) if you prefer :)

More on flea prevention

Since the last newsletter came out which focused on safe chemical-free flea and tick prevention, I received a couple of e-mails from people who have had success with Pet Protector Nontoxic Flea and Tick Repellent.

I'm thinking of switching to this once Luc's topical treatment (Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense) runs out. We've used it for 2 months with great results, but it has to be reapplied after every bath. Because Luc has to bathe frequently due to his skin allergies, this is turning out to be expensive.

I like the fact that Pet Protector just gets placed on the collar and lasts for 4 years. And of course, I love that it's chemical-free. If anyone has used it, please let us know what you think of it.


If you'd like your Coton to receive recognition in next month's newsletter, contact me on my contact page, or at

Happy Birthday Wishes:

Happy Birthday to all our Coton friends who celebrate birthdays in June and July:


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Simon Male 6/1/02
Max Male Mount Holly, VT 6/1/10
Toshiyuki Male Ellington, CT 6/4/10
Gigi Female 6/6/08
Watson Male Vancouver, WA 6/6/11
Lola Female Norwood, MA 6/9/11
Mr. Beauregarde Male Lyme, CT 6/9/13
Colbie Female Eldersburg, MD 6/9/12
Hope Female Quebec, Canada 6/10/09
Peluche Male Puerto Rico 6/10
Barney Male Palmyra, VA 6/11/10
Bonnie Blue Female Virginia 6/14/11
Moe Male 6/17/09
Savannah Female Leeds, ME 6/17/10
Obi Wan Male 6/21/10
Codie Male 6/21/05
Lucy Female Greenville, SC 6/22/11
Bailey Beckham Male Peachtree City, GA 6/22/11
Scooter Male Westhampton, Mass 6/22/11
Angelique Female Chula Vista, CA 6/25/04
Mr. Darcy Male San Juan, PR 6/26
Chanel Female Cobourg, Ont, Can 6/2007
Beau Byron Male Palm Coast, FL 6/27/11


Name Gender Home Town Birth date
Suzie Female Seattle, Tucson 7/2/05
Coki Female Morristown, NJ 7/2/11
Triscuit Female July 2
Chloe Female Cobourg, Ont, Can 7/2007
Gracie Female Northport, NY 7/4/10
Maxine Female Glenview, IL 7/4/10
Chloe Female Canandaigua, NY 7/8/10
Minnie Female National City, CA 7/10/10
Daisy May Female Clarence, NY 7/11/11
Rosco Cole Train Male Clarence, NY 7/14/11
Pamuk Female 7/17
Kirby Male Redding, CA 7/21/10
Moose Male Folsom, CA 7/23/11
Boomer Male Quincy, MA July 2006
Maverick Male Roseville, CA 7/25/11

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