What does the average Coton de Tulear puppy weigh?

by Audrey
(Washington )

How much do average coton de tulears weigh at 8 weeks old and 10 weeks old?

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Mar 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

Our little girl Melody, is 17 weeks old. We went to the vet yesterday and she weighed exactly 8lbs. I am hoping she will be small-maybe 10lbs..when are they considered full grown? The vet seemed to think 7months anyone know?

Mar 10, 2012
Weight at 28 weeks/7 months
by: Connie

Connie was approx 4kg/8.8lbs at 6 months, and is exactly 4kg now at 7 months. Will she have growth spurts, do you think?

Mar 10, 2012
Beau's weight
by: Marcia

Beau came to live with us at 8-9 months. He was 12 pounds then. At his last vet visit at 16 months he weighed 15 pounds. I asked the vet if he was overweight, and the vet reassured me he was the "perfect" weight for his size.

The vet also told me you should be able to feel his ribs, but not his spine.

Mar 09, 2012
wow . . . quite a range
by: Kathy

I got 2 puppies last year and one was smaller than the other but they were only about a week apart in age (obviously from different litters) . . . Tulip was about 3 lbs at 9 wks; Poppy 4.5 lbs. Daisy was only 3 lbs at 10 weeks. Now Daisy & Tulip are about 9-10 lbs & Poppy is over 10 but probably under 13. Daisy is 6 yrs old & Poppy & Tulip are 1 yr and a few weeks. Daisy got a little heavier last year when I was trying to help my sick dog gain weight (unfortunately it didn't help her).

Mar 09, 2012
Puppy Weight
by: Betty

My Coton weighed about 4.5 lbs. at 9-10 weeks and now at 2 yrs., he is 16 lbs.

Mar 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

According to my Vet, my puppy was underweight at around 4.75 lbs at 10 weeks old...she is now slightly over 7 lbs and will be 12 weeks on Monday. She just got Vet checked today and the Vet said she's the perfect weight...you should be able to feel their ribs under all their fluff, but not their backbone and they should have a little waist as you move your hand down from their back to slightly above their back legs. Probably around 6 lbs would be perfect for 8-9 weeks, and 10-12 around 7! :)

Mar 09, 2012
Spanky Weight
by: Diane

Spanky was 1.9 lbs at 9 weeks old. he was 3 lbs at 3 months, 4 lbs and 4 months and so on. He maintained 6lbs from 6 months to a year. He is now finally 8lbs at 1 yr 2 months old. They are sized anywhere between 8 and 16 lbs by the time they are fully grown. Hope that helps.

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