luxating patella: What treatment besides surgery?

by Iris Miller
(Bristol, CT USA)

Tuff Guy Tuffy Coton

Tuff Guy Tuffy Coton

I read a luxating patella is a common ailment for the Coton breed in later years.What are the symptoms, and what can be done? I really hope my dog does not have this, and if he does develop it, I hope there are other options for healing, other than surgery. I look forward to all responses.

(Tuffy is having pain in his leg, we are going to the Vet tomorrow).

blessings and love,
Iris and Tuffy

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Jun 30, 2011
Moddy, where are you?
by: Iris Miller

That was very interesting about the healing method you used for the sciatica. Do you have a website or email address I can use to get more information about that healing modality?
Much appreciated.
Iris and Tuffy

Jun 30, 2011
by: moddy1

Last Wednesday, a patient came to me due to pain felt from her back downward. It was sciatica pain. I have given her ILIB (Intravascular Laser Irradiation on Blood) for 20 minutes, and diode laser applied to 10 points. Immediately after the treatment, the pain had gone, and she could walk properly.

Jun 03, 2010
Reply to Baiey's mom
by: Iris Miller

Thank you! After reading your reply and your story about Bailey coughing it reminded me of two things, I once rescued a puppy from a shelter and he had kennel cough. He was very sick and dehydrated, and in those days there was no hope, most dogs died from that disease. Bebe was kept at the Vet's on antibiotics and fluids for a week until he was healed. (this was back when there was no preventive treatments). We had that dog for sixteen years.The other reminder was about my Coton, Tuffy. Several months ago he was at the groomer's, when I picked him up he was coughing and choking and had no "voice".I was very worried and honestly, furious at the treatment my dog and others have to tolerate at the hands of careless strangers. I am pretty sure it was from being choked. maybe with the restraint they use to keep the dog on the table when they are trimming them? I am certified as a massage therapist so I regularly massage Tuffy and examine him for anything "out of adjustment. I worked around his neck and throat very gently until he also was re-adjusted and could speak again. I did not go back to that Groomer again. *read my other story about groomer nightmares and Tuffy).

Jun 02, 2010
Chiropractic Treatment
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am so glad your Tuffy is getting better. I have a homeopathic vet and a Chiropractor that works on both dogs and people. She has been a 'god send'. My little Bailey had a cough that wasn't going away. I was told it was Kennel Cough, then after 5 weeks of coughing and it not going away, the traditional vet put him on a prednisone/antihistamine combo and that too, didn't work. I finally trusted my own instinct and took him to the Chiropractor. She found that his neck was out and the muscle was pulling on his throat and trachea. After one treatment, the coughing has stopped and we are very grateful. It's so hard on us when our little Cotons aren't feeling well. Prayers to you and your Tuffy.

Jun 01, 2010
Tuffy's on the mend
by: Iris Miller

Thanks Gale and everyone for your well wishes. Tuffy's Sciatica is calming down since he sprained his back a couple of weeks ago. He got a spasm in the thigh a few times since then, He stretched his leg to try to relieve it, and I gently massaged it. I have been keeping him from racing around and making those quick stops and pivot turns (he loves to do) as much as possible. That's what hurts him the most, the leg twisting. Tuffy actually got to go for his first long walk yesterday with my son and his wife, and seemed to handle it well. They said Tuffy discovered a stream and tried to drink out of it but was afraid to go close enough to get the drink. I am glad he didn't drink the water. I would not have encouraged him to drink if I were with them. Next time I'll give my son the water bottle that comes with an attached tray for the dog to drink from with water from home. Usually though, Tuffy is so excited to go for a walk he won't drink until we get home and he's calmed down.
love, Tuffy and Mom

May 21, 2010
Day at a time
by: Iris Miller

Thanks Gale, for your kind input and good wishes. That was a good idea you had putting your dog in the pen to heal. I'm afraid my little (jackrabbit Tuffy )dog could be trying to jump out and put more strain on his back. Tuffy is still having that nerve pain. Today we are finally having warm weather and I took Tuffy out and we sat in a chair in the sun. He really wants to play and we are both a bit depressed - me, because he is sad, he just wants to play, and he, because he can't understand his hurt is internal(so why he is being stabbed from behind with pain?) He runs away as if I did it, and is afraid of me. (is it punishment? did he do wrong? I know I am way too attached to my dog.
I love him so much!
Hugs, Iris and Tuffy

May 20, 2010
Get Well Tuffy!
by: Gale

I'm glad to hear that Tuffy doesn't need surgery. I can relate to your stress about trying to keep him from being his old active self. I had a Yorkie who had 2 knee surgeries and I had to keep him from any activity for several weeks.

I felt like you - how was I supposed to keep a dog from acting like a dog? I ended up keeping him in a mobile play pen. I'd just wheel it from room to room so he could be with me. It was small enough that he couldn't re-injure his knees.

I know how upsetting it can be to see your little guy in pain. Hopefully with the treatments he'll be up and running around soon!

May 19, 2010
Back from the Vet's office
by: Iris Miller

The good news is it is not the luxating patella. The bad news is Tuffy has a sprained back and a pinched nerve in his spine, apparently from the incident last weekend when he stepped on a rose thorn and jumped, twisting to get away fro the pain of it. so when he turns left or stretches out, or jumps around it pinches the nerve and that is why he screeches in pain. The Vet said he is actually hurting all the time, aching, then the pain worsens from the pinched nerve. Then his leg stiffens in a serious spasm, the poor little guy is miserable, and so is mommy.What he is feeling is like a human with sciatic pain going down their leg. He needs total rest, anti-inflamatory drugs, a heating pad on his spine (Tuffy won't put up with that) and no running, jumping or walks around the block. for at least a week. I told the Vet, "that is as bad as taking the wings off a fly". Wish us luck and pray for a total and complete healing.
love and blessings,
Iris and Tuffy

May 19, 2010
Tuff Guy
by: Gale

Sorry to hear about Tuffy's leg. Hope all goes well at the Vet. Keep us posted.

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